VIVO – meeting the expectations of e-smokers

VIVO is a fully complementary brand offering e-smoking products including liquids, e-cigarettes, clearomizers, coils and e-accessories, in one word, all things necessary for e-smoking.

When we were developing VIVO, our primary goal was to fully meet the expectations of e-smokers. Therefore, we started our adventure with the creation of the brand by asking those who were actually involved. We learned the expectations of e-smokers as regards e-products through thousands of surveys and direct interviews conducted. Then, relying on our knowledge and experience, we have created a brand that meets the demanding taste of consumers.

VIVO is one of the few brands on the Polish market to offer to e-smokers all things necessary for e-smoking.

Attention to each and every detail

Every detail, starting from modern design of the packs that underscore the quality of VIVO products, distinct and natural flavours of liquids and easy-to-use applicators, has been designed and implemented with extreme care, following all the suggestions we had received from consumers.

Fields of activity

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In touch with tomorrow

Feel the touch of the future together with VIVO


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